Hi I’m Craig. This is the page where I’m supposed to tell you all about myself. I think I’m supposed to explain to you why I am awesome but without sounding too conceited I guess. I could just list my accomplishments and awards, but isn’t that just bragging? Well nobody likes a braggart, except maybe the braggart’s mother, and the braggart themselves. Or maybe I’m supposed to give you some insight into what makes up who I am, and why I take pictures. You expect me to just open the door to my psyche? Well I don’t really know you that well so I don’t feel comfortable just telling you my deepest darkest secrets. At least not yet. No matter what you or my shrink may think, I was hugged just enough as a kid.

Well I guess I should give you something. Ok here goes... I take pictures. I take pictures so that I can show you just how beautiful you are. The kind of pictures that will remind your significant other of just why they fell for you in the first place. The pictures that make them feel lucky to have been chosen by you.

I also like bunnies, chocolate ones. And maybe, just maybe.. I fight crime in my spare time. Nope no bragging here, I said maybe. Do you wanna know more? Click the big magic button and ask all the questions your heart desires!