What a boudoir photo shoot with Rayzr like?

I could describe it using very colorful words, witty jokes and cliche catchphrases, or you could just take a look for yourself! A picture is better than a thousand words and a video is better than that! So what's like a million words? Aw forget the math and just have a look! Enjoy.


Behind the Scenes look at my couples shoot with Tara & Arimel . Even though they are not at all a couple, and this was Arimel's first photo shoot,  they worked well together and we created some great images together. We all had a great time and made new friends in the process!

This time we worked with a awesome new team to take on a cool self challenge. This the first fashion shoot in the new studio. To make it even more interesting we did the whole shoot using ONLY CELL PHONES! All of the photography and the video you are watching was shot using a Android cell phone.

Just a quick mini BTS video of my shoot with Jamieka. It seems like with each video we do, we always end up shooting with a different camera.